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Edward S. Lipinsky

Mr. Lipinsky is a senior polymer chemist with 39 years of experience in polymer chemical technology, including controlled release delivery systems, biodegradable polymers, and biopolymers. He is skilled in creative techniques, dynamic modeling, and evaluation of complex technologies.

Currently, Mr. Lipinsky is President of Innovative Thinking, Inc., which provides polymer consulting and dynamic modeling services to startup companies and government agencies. He is a member of BioGuard Technologies, Inc.'s technical team and provides consulting regarding polymer selection, modeling of pesticide transport phenomena, and patent claim formulation.

Other responsibilities include providing assistance in development of new polymer and biomass technologies to four startup companies and evaluating a new energy-generation technology for the Department of Energy.

Mr. Lipinsky earned a B.S. in chemistry from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and M.A. in organic chemistry from Harvard University.

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