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About BioGuard

Just like the force behind an avalanche, BioGuard has the scientific and entrepreneurial support to make a positive, significant impact on the pest control industry.

In 1997, BioGuard was created as a Battelle spin-off company. Battelle operates the U.S. Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, Washington, where Van Voris, Cataldo, and other researchers developed the sustained release technology. See the flier, "BioGuard Technologies, Inc.: Safe, Controlled Release of Bioactive Material," provided by PNNL's Economic Development Office.

BioGuard's principals include three technical team leaders and an independent board member. Each brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to their responsibilities:

  • Dr. Peter Van Voris is president, chief executive officer and chairman of BioGuard Technologies, Inc.
  • Dr. Dominic Cataldo is vice president and chief technical officer of BioGuard Technologies, Inc.
  • Mr. Edward Lipinsky is president of Innovative Thinking, Inc., a firm that provides polymer consulting and dynamic modeling services primarily regarding emerging technologies to startup companies and government agencies.

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